CHAT-INTERVIEW with The Outs - Brit music in Brazil (English)

The music video "Get Around" by The Outs was part of the official program of the second edition (2013) of the IndieGo Alley Festival, organized by ART Street. The British sound of this Brasilian band(The Outs sound) took them to the Sony-tv show BreakOut Brasil. After the whole experience they take part on this chat-interview for ASÓMAte where they tell us what they are up to at present.

The Outs. Phtoto by Otavio Sousa

The Outs are:

Tiago Carneiro - Vocals, bass and guitar
Dennis Guedes - Guitar, bass, vocals, violão/ keyboard
Vinícius Massolar - Guitar, bass, vocals and keyboard
Gabriel Politzer - Drums and percusion

SATURDAY, 07/03/2015

20:29 Pablo: First of all thank you for this interview on behalf of ART Street.

20:30 Tiago: Thank you for inviting us!

20:30 Pablo: Our pleasure. Where are you at the moment?

20:31 Tiago: We are at the drummer's house, where we rehearse and record our music! We had a gig yesterday, so we came back here. This is our headquarters. hahah

20:32 Pablo: That sounds great! Every great band had their special headquarters!

20:33 Tiago: True!

20:33 Pablo: We have a question that many people might be asking themselves: why "The Outs"? What's the story behind the name?

20:35 Tiago: Well, me and Dennis created the name when we were around 12 years old! haha.... The idea behind it is that we are "out" of the context of Brazilian music. It's totally unexpected to see a band from Brazil that plays our style of music in English.

20:36 Pablo: Oh, yes, that's what makes your sound quite surprising. The first time I heard you I was really surprised by the British influence. The thing is that it sounds very unusual a Brasilian band playing psychodelic pop-rock

20:38 Dennis: Even as time has passed and that we began writing some songs in Portuguese, the name remains true, because we are still making a different kind of music from that of other bands nowadays.  Exactly!

20:39 Pablo: Why that sound? Which bands made that special influence on you?

20:44 Dennis: At first, everything began with the Beatles, mainly their psychedelic music. This band was important for us to listen to other related bands like The Verve and Oasis. They helped us make our songs sound more "pop". At last, there was a bunch of new psychedelic bands that was really important to us to remodel our sound. Those bands were Tame Impala, Pond, Melody's Echo Chamber.Temples is another great psychedelic band

20:45 Vinícius: Before those bands, Kula Shaker was also very important for us to shape our music.

20:46 Pablo: I know that you have been compared by many of us to many 1990's bands. The sound, the voice, the style... If I say  "Bag it up"... what's the first thing that comes to your mind? ("The Outs" won an international contest organized by British band Oasis to find the most interesting version of their song "Bag it up")

Tiago: Yes, some of the 90's bands had a big influence on us. As we said before, bands like Oasis and Kula Shaker shaped our music. Blur is also another important band for us.
Dennis: Bag it Up reminds me of "bagging things up" to go to England! Bag it Up was our only opportunity to leave the country, because of the Oasis contest.

20:50 Pablo: I bet it was a wonderful experience. What did it mean to you to become the winners of that world-wide contest?

20:50 Dennis: We took part of this contest of versions of Oasis songs, and Noel Gallagher himself chose our version of their song "Bag It Up" as the winner version.

20:53 Tiago: It was amazing, because it really gave us more confidence in our music. You know, being chosen by one of our idols at the time is incredible!

20:53 Pablo: I can imagine your faces when you heard what Noel Gallagher said of your version..

20:54 Tiago: hahah... Yeees, we couldn't believe our eyes when we read the message saying "congratulations, Noel Gallagher has picked you as winners of the Oasis contest!"

20:56 Pablo: This question if for Gabriel and Vinícius... Did you ever feel like Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs or Alan White with to brothers (well, cousins in this case) leading the band?

Vinícius: Even with Dennis and Tiago being cousins. We all feel like brothers. Nobody fights like the Gallagher brothers did. At least, not yet! (joke) hahaha
Gabriel: Nah, there is no leadership in our band. Everybody does his own bit for the band. Everybody takes part in the compositions, recordings and plannings of the band.

21:02 Tiago: No egos involved! hahah

21:04 Pablo: That sounds great. And I hope you get a similar success! Actually I was going to ask you what  do each of you do? Who writes, who makes the arrangements... who says... no, that sounds awful! haha, and when do you realise that the song sounds perfect

21:08 Tiago: Thanks, we hope so!!  Dennis and Vinícius make most melodies, and I write the lyrics of most of the songs. Gabriel helps with the melodies and arrangements. Of course, it's not a rule though. We exchange roles sometimes! haha
Dennis also makes the mixing of the songs, and we all give our opinions as to what could be done.

21:09 Pablo:  Dennis, do you get nervious when you show the final mix to the guys?

21:14 Dennis: Not really. Actually, it's really a group thing. Although I spend more time mixing, I show them the mix before it's finished. We all finish the mixing together. The priority is what the band as a whole likes.

21:14 Pablo: You sound like very much together the four of you. Two EPs, Maybe Pleasing (2010) and Spiral Dreams (2013), the recording for Rubber Tracks, your collaboration in "Live Forever"... What's next for "The Outs"?

21:16 Tiago: Yes. It's really a democracy! haha... We are in it for what's best for the band, no matter who gives the idea.

21:17 Pablo: That sounds really great, guys

21:19 Dennis: We have plans of opening a label here in Rio and releasing stuff very frequently, so our fans will always hear new music from us. The philosophy is to change this formal idea of albums and attend to the demand of today's audience necessities.

21:21 Pablo: That sounds really interesting. Will you be recording in English? Portuguese?...

21:21 Tiago: There will be both! But probably more English than Portuguese yet.

21:21 Pablo: And... will you leave some space for Spanish perhaps? haha

21:22 Tiago: hahah...Unfortunately, we don't speak Spanish! But who knows someday?

21:23 Pablo: hahaha! What about concerts? Did your experience in BreakOut Brasil (where you ended up the second top band) open new doors for "The Outs"?

21:24 Gabriel: Breakout Brasil has already opened doors, is opening and probably will open even more in the future!
Tiago: We've got lots of opportunities of gigs and recordings after that! We just came back from a mini tour in the south of Brazil. If it weren't for Breakout Brazil, we wouldn't be able to go to these places we went so soon!

21:27 Pablo: And more to come...?

Tiago: Oh yes, for sure! Hopefully later in this year, we will be able to play more gigs in other states and cities here in Brazil. Maybe even in other countries of South America.
Dennis: We still don't have plans for Europe because of lack of funds. It's a problem most Brazilian bands are facing, unfortunately

21:31 Pablo: Sorry, to hear that. Perhaps in the future you will be able... and if so, where would you like to play first? Which country?

21:32 Tiago: Yes, it's hard for us to get there. Maybe only a sponsorship would make it possible, but it's really difficult to get one. Probably the first country we'd play would be Potugal, because it's the closest one. Then we would get into the continent. Spain, Italy, Hungary, France, Germany, England...

21:34 Pablo: A final question: well actually one where each of you will have to reply separately. Ok?

21:34 Tiago: haha..Ok!

21:35 Pablo: I am going to give you a list of bands and you have to choose one.

21:35 Tiago: Yup

21:36 Pablo: The Who, Oasis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beach Boys, Pink Floid, The Black Keys, The Verve, Tame Impala, Pond, Melody's Echo Chamber, Kula Shaker and Temples.

21:37 Tiago: ahhah...That's gonna be difficult!

21:37 Pablo: haha,

21:38 Tiago: We just choose?

21:38 Pablo: Yes

Gabriel: at the moment, it's Milton Nascimento
Tiago: Beatles, because it's a very versatile band and helped us broad our minds.
Dennis: Tame Impala, because it's a band that really remodelled our sound.
Vinícius: Beach Boys, because of the vocals and their crazy sound, Brian Wilson is a genius to me

21:43 Pablo: Oh yes! Good choices all of them! But it was impossible that they weren't good, was it?

21:43 The band: In fact, we just said the name of these bands kind of arbitrary, because they all have equal importance to us. Each band with their specialty, though, haha

21:44 Pablo: I know, it was a tricky question

21:44 Tiago: For sure!  haha
The Outs during the chat-interview
with ART Street

21:44 Pablo: haha!
 A final request... Will you send us a "selfie" of you all in your headquarters to illustrate the interview?

21:46 Tiago: Done!  We'll send right away

21:47 Pablo: Great! Thank you!

21:47 Tiago: You're welcome! Thanks for interviewing us, Pablo!

21:47 Pablo: Muito obrigado pelo seu tempo. Realmente a partir de " arte de rua " queremos apoiar bandas como a sua. Desejamos-lhe muito sucesso e continuar a partilhar a sua música com a gente. E em breve , podemos vê-lo na Europa! Por agora ficamos com seus vídeos e sua música.
(Thank you also to Google Translate for helping me to say all that haha!)

21:49 Tiago: hahah...¡Muchas gracias por su apoyo!
Google translate too! haha

21:50 Pablo: Our pleasure. Great tool isn't it!

21:50 Tiago: Yes, indeed! haha....Take care and see you!

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